Inquiring Minds

The Inquiring Minds program is based on the Open Minds concept created in Calgary in 1993 and implemented successfully in St. John’s (Newfoundland), Vancouver (British Columbia), Edmonton (Alberta), London (Ontario), Lansing (Michigan), Leeds (England) and Singapore. Since 2012, several hundred students have had the opportunity to benefit from the Inquiring Minds program in the National Capital Region.


The program involves a participation fee of $1,000 and a management fee of $250. This covers access to the facilities, artifacts and exhibits, as well as a qualified facilitator for the entire week, outside participants for various topics, preparatory sessions with the teachers, and so on. Five $1,000 grants are available to interested schools submitting a request. In addition, financial assistance could be provided to help with bus transportation.

How to participate

Grade 5 and 6 classes are invited to fill out the form and email it to Please note that only one class at a time can participate. A school wishing to send more than one class will have to select two different weeks for each class. There will be no Inquiring Minds from March 14 to April 30. For more information, please contact us at 613.842.9871 /